The John Hemmings Foundation, Inc. is a local non-profit organization committed to raising funds for the research, treatment and cure of cancer.  In early 2014, the Foundation Board voted to amend the Articles of Organization, to include a provision authorizing the Foundation to provide quality of life care assistance to cancer patients in the local Pinal County, Arizona, community.

We urge you to consider making a tax deductible contribution to The Foundation so that we can continue to grow and give back to members of our  community afflicted with cancer.

Moreover if you are interested in attending The Foundation’s signature event, the 12th Annual Purse Auction, it will be held at Robson Ranch on Friday, September 14, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.  Registration fee of $45 includes food and a complimentary raffle ticket.

We appreciate your generosity.


In 2013, we contributed money to the Cancer Support Center in Casa Grande, which was utilized to start a smoking cessation program, which is still being offered by Cancer Support Center today.



In 2013-2014, the Foundation modified its by laws to be able to provide individual cancer patients in Pinal County with financial assistance to assist in treatment needs and the needs of the family in bearing the financial impact of treatment.  Our first gift was to Baby Allie and her family in meeting the families needs during Allie’s extensive treatment. Baby Allie is now in remission.

In May 2014, we were able to provide a monetary donation to assist in another patient’s chemotherapy treatment over the next 6 months after a diagnosis with 2 forms of cancer.

In the Fall of 2014 the board approved a monetary donation to The Cancer Support Center for use in it’s “Loving Hands Loving Meals” program.  Through “Loving Hands Loving Meals”, dedicated volunteers from Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort work diligently cooking and baking for cancer patients in the local community.  Nutrition and strength are vital components for anyone faced with cancer and the treatment that follows.  The program has two key components (1) to provide cookies and muffins to patients undergoing chemo/radiation treatment and (2) to provide home-cooked/made-to-order meals to ensure that chemo/radiation patients receive the protein and energy they need during treatment.