Theresa Hemmings Ratliff

Theresa Hemmings Ratliff.  Theresa serves as a Director for The John Hemmings Foundation, Inc.  Theresa is the daughter of John and Mary Ann Hemmings.  In an effort to honor her father’s memory and his commitment to the Pinal County community, Theresa spearheaded the initial development of the Foundation in 2011.  Theresa is a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law (1996).  While residing in Casa Grande, she practiced family law with Fitzgibbons Law Offices, P.C., until her appointment to the Pinal County Bench in 2005 as Family Law Commissioner/Judge Pro Tem.  After over 8 years as a public servant in Pinal County, Theresa left that position in the summer of 2013 when she and her family relocated to Texas with their three children.  Theresa is currently licensed to practice law in Arizona and Texas.  Theresa continues to handle the operations, charitable giving and event coordination for The Foundation, despite the physical distance that separates her from her extended family and lifelong friends in the Pinal County community.